Wallets and NFTs

A simple onboarding process is of utmost importance for mass adoption and quickly allowing people to enjoy the Web3 benefits that were previously shared only amongst crypto natives.

Therefore, instead of having to create a crypto wallet outside the app, Gritti users can follow a few simple steps to create a crypto wallet within the app. Initially, this wallet will only be able hold BNB, GRI and GRT, but will be later expanded to allow for the holding of other major cryptocurrencies.

Another hurdle to mass adoption for a lot of Web3 projects is the initial cost of NFTs, which could increase as more users join Gritti.

In order to address this issue, we have devised a few strategies, including

  1. Create significant value to Gritti NFTs through design and IP collaborations to justify initial cost.

  2. Diversify revenue streams of Gritti NFTs through significant utility in both the digital and physical worlds.

  3. Provide a form of “free-to-play” mode which grants users access to the ecosystem without any upfront costs. In the free-to-play mode, users have to equip themselves with Runner Co-op NFTs (received for free by joining a Runner Co-op), which will set an initial value for Loot Box drop rate. More details will be released later.

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