Runner Co-ops

As mentioned before, the Gritti team has vast experiences in fueling user growth through run crews (“Runner Co-ops”), where runners are free to associate with each other through common locations, interests, goals, genders, levels of fitness, and more that goes beyond the digital realm. Safer workouts, increased motivation, improved performance, reduced churn, and a sense of community are just a few of the benefits that come with Runner Co-ops.

Therefore, we have designed a system to promote such free-forming communities, allowing Gritti users to connect at a personal level. Some basic functions and rights of Runner Co-ops will include:

  1. A simple application process, either by a single person or group

  2. Staking mechanisms

  3. Badge NFTs, either self-designed or white label

  4. Improved Loot Box drop rate (to be released)

  5. Tier system based on number of members

  6. Self-governance

  7. Runner Co-op specific game modes

  8. Other rights and services including merchandizing, event hosting, brand deals, etc.

Furthermore, in order to further facilitate social engagement, we will institute a bartering economy and a donation system within Runner Co-ops. Members of the same Runner Co-op can trade Shards (items earned from Loot Boxes obtained through various game modes and events) amongst themselves. Shards can also be donated to the Community Inventory of Runner Co-ops in exchange for various tangible benefits and intangible benefits. The Community Inventory can be used to reward members or to trade with members as well.

Other social based functions that are in the pipeline include:

  1. Social media sharing

  2. Notification and/or voice alert when Gritti users approach each other

  3. Temporary “buffs” when Gritti users cross each other

  4. A map of Gritti users exercising in the vicinity

Our end goal is to create a group of vibrant communities within the larger Gritti ecosystem where our users can meet other people who share the same obsession with running. Each community represents a space for an individual to celebrate their achievements as well as a resource for overcoming any hurdles which is coming between them and their exercise goals. This sense of community and camaraderie is what really sets Gritti apart, and is at the core of what we seek to bring to the exercising public.

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