Metaphysical Credentialing System

In addition to the above, the Gritti team is also looking to add something revolutionary in the fitness app ecosystem: the Metaphysical Credentialing System (MCS).

It is a merit-based system that rewards positive user contributions to the Gritti ecosystem. Through a system of time-based and event-based on-chain data-set, users are able to accumulate a personalized collection of NFTs and Achievements to commemorate the journey within Gritti, they may include digital asset ownership/trading stats (NFT Sneakers and tokens), physical activities, and community engagement occurring within/outside of the Gritti app.

Based on the aforementioned datasets, specific credentials will be given to users from which they can receive rewards and incentives in the forms of NFTs/tokens/special privileges/etc. from brands IPs, ecommerce platforms, and many others; creating a positive feedback loop and a direct dialogue amongst users and external companies.

The potential use cases here go far beyond just the monetary:

A brand could choose to reward its most ardent designers, an insurance company may encourage more running to lower claims costs, an organization wanting to sponsor athletes, or a professional sports team uses MCS to drop NFTs to announce a specific collaboration.

MCS manifests additional value and incentivizes users for contributions made to the ecosystem, which rewards users for not just staying in the Gritti ecosystem, but contributing to it.

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