Our Ideology and Mission

Gritti – Creating a healthier and better world through innovation and community.

Gritti’s aim is to build an app that will lift a major portion of the world’s population into the golden age of Web3, using a decentralized network of vibrant and close-knit communities. Through bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds, we are transforming how rewards are earned, how value is created, and how contribution can be perceived.

“In the Web2 world, most sports apps’ revenue models are advertisement-based, meaning operators provide users with a free service, and in return, sell the users’ data to the highest bidder. Users can only rely on self-motivation to keep a healthy habit and often fail in doing so, and brands have no way of directly engaging with users. The app operator also loses value because of the lack of acquisition and retention tools resulting in less engaged users, leading to significant value being left on the table.”

Gritti aims to shatter that reality, by utilizing gamification and move to earn, Gritti is able to actively acquire and effectively retain an engaged user base, then bridge that engaged user base directly to brands through our unique credentials system (Metaphysical Credentialing System), and allow brands to reward users through NFT/token airdrops, membership privileges, special events, etc. This further encourages positive contributions to the Gritti community.

This Web3 infused closed-loop values and incentives infrastructure will encourage users to hold, create and trade more digital assets (Sneaker NFTs, tokens), become more active within the community, celebrate creativity and contribute positively to the ecosystem. All of these ensure the long-term sustainability and health of Gritti’s ecosystem.

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