Now the fun begins

Gamification can go a long way in maintaining a running habit. Within Gritti, users can participate in various game modes to earn in-app tokens.

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Single player mode
  • Plain vanilla running: simply equip a Sneaker NFT and begin running to earn GRI

  • Challenge system: a time-sensitive system of long-term challenges with difficulty levels consistent with account levels and user abilities to be activated using GRIs

Ranking modes (to be released)

Organized through peer-to-peer invites or our algorithm-based matching system where users are able to race each other. Users will be ranked by # of wins, best race time, distance, amongst other metrics. The race formats include:

  • 1v1 speed and distance race

  • group vs group speed and distance race

Prize pool mode (to be released)
  • Runner Co-op: weekly 5km (5GRIs),10km (10GRIs) and 20km (20GRIs) challenges within the same Runner Co-ops, with the completing runners automatically entered into a raffle system in which a percentage of participants will win a tiered payout

  • Online Marathon: users can register for quarter, half, full marathon events with varying amount of GRIs; prize pools will be comprised of registration fees and other incentive packages for those that complete the event to share on a pro-rata basis

  • Long Distance Relay: a group of 3-5 people register together as a team based on varying distances; users are required to commit registration fees which are put in a prize pool for those that complete the races to share on a pro-rata basis

Others game modes (under development)
  • Treasure hunt mode: similar to Pokémon Go where people can find Loot Boxes

  • Custom mode: to be developed by the community

Furthermore, users can use the in-app token earned to build and/or upgrade Sneaker NFTs in their possession. Instead of just having pre-set shoe types, the Gritti team has elected to give users more freedom in creating their own Sneaker NFTs by assembling different Sneaker Components with the app.

This opens up a whole new level of game-play and marketplace economy that is unique to Gritti. It significantly enriches the user experience, places additional emotional attachment to the Sneaker NFTs, provides opportunities for brand/artist collaborations, and allows users to trade their creations. A whole new class of “shoemakers” could come and test out their artistic and arithmetic skills.

The fun does not stop there. As the Gritti team will also create a system to mimic real world situations which also affect Sneaker NFT’s various attributes. These circumstantial factors include interval speeds, location (road, beach, forest, mountain, stadium), the weather (hot, cold, rain, snow), elevation (flat, uphill, downhill), and time of the day and day of the week, which allow users to adjust for different circumstances to achieve optimal outcome.

Every run is different, so why should it be the same in Gritti?

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