User Acquisition

Compared to its competitors, Gritti has a unique advantage when it comes to user acquisition. In addition to applying the “traditional crypto” channels such as Telegram, Discord, and Twitter, Gritti is able to rely on its expertise in runner acquisition and ability to tap into a vast runner network to develop a rapid, two-pronged attack strategy.

At the beginning, the Gritti team will seek collaborations with decentralized running communities such as Parkrun and opinion leaders in the running ecosystem to “cold start” Gritti’s Runner Co-ops. These Runner Co-ops then become self-made ambassadors of the Gritti brand and assist users to on-board in a customized setting, significantly lowering the barrier to entry which has been a key stumbling block for many Web3 projects.

"MCS manifests additional value and incentivizes users for contributions made to the ecosystem, which rewards users for not just staying in the Gritti ecosystem, but contributing to it."

Another important channel will be the college and university athletic groups throughout the world. Through our team, we have an extensive group of contacts that we can begin tapping into to evangelize the Gritti app. Growing via these channels is a well-trodden path for Web 2 companies (Facebook, Tinder), and this is another unique way that we can bring the Gritti philosophy to a large number of users.

Even as the Runner Co-ops grow in size and spawn the creation of other Runner Co-ops around the world, Gritti can simultaneously tap into their existing network of more than 1,000 marathons and races held annually around the world involving more than 10 million people, Gritti will be able to obtain significant user growth through such channels and relationships with marathon organizers.

"We seek to enter into technical partnerships with these marathons, such as the provision of technical services that can be in the form of blockchain/NFT enabled registration/draw/ticketing systems, verified time keep systems, GPS guidance, etc."

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